shots from the exhhibition – ‘SUPER IS AS SUPER DOES’ – Q – Where do you situate your notion of a superhero in terms of culture today? – A – At the top of everything else that is holy and pure. – Q – Where do you feel this fits into your practice overall and in relation to other works? – A – I feel like it is the conceptual language I have been searching for my entire life. I always knew that the most obvious solutions were right in front of me but continually fight with myself about not letting solutions come easily. I guess I am in a perpetual state of accepting the obvious as a valid source of inspiration. – Q – You have described yourself primarily as a painter with video works and installations being an extension of this, could you discuss a little on how these link together for you and also what it is about painting that attracts you to it? – A – Its all problem solving to me. 

The shots have a smooth skin look, almost as if it has Anti wrinkle injections? Is this the case? A. No